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DukeEngage Zhuhai Highlight

Published by Elise Zhang and Sara Yuen
Consider this: “from May 8th until July 3rd, a group of 15 Duke University students, spread over three time zones, …
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Growing Up

Published by Alan Tang
It was another exciting week of teaching and DukeEngage. Teaching continues to give me lots of joy. This week was …
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Where Are the Goalposts?

Published by Zachary Wild
How do you measure your own success as a teacher? There are some times where I doubt how well I …
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Just Keep Swimming

Published by Sandy Song
I can’t believe we hit our halfway mark this week. Week 4 of zooming into Zhuhai everyday has proved to …
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Burnout and recovery

Published by Jiayin Bao
To be honest, the last week was a week of burnout and getting through that sensation. From the start of …
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Sports and games

Published by Wenzhuo Shi
When I was in China, our family lived in an enclosed neighborhood. A “小区“, there were green spaces in the …
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Reaching the Halfway Point

Published by Eric Huey
With week four in the books, our team is now officially halfway through with our Duke Engage experience, and I …
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When I was in 7th Grade…

Published by Andrew Lee
“Salve, Magistra Knight!” My 7th grade Latin class greeted our teacher, Mrs. Knight, as we started class. Around me were …
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