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With the uncertainty and tragedy going on in the world right now, I am glad I am still able to partner with my community organization, the Huilo Huilo organization in Chile, and participate in their projects. Although I didn’t have the chance to go to Chile, I am still excited to connect with my community partners through video calls and collaboration. 

Through our calls, we have talked about several projects that would help the biological reserve and the nearby village of Neltume, as well as its residents. Some of the projects we have planned:

  • Create a database of biological reserves around the world so we can compare Huilo Huilo and determine any useful information or projects that we can also implement.
  • Implement and create identification cards for residents of Neltume so they can enter the reserve for free.
  • Translation of documents from Spanish to English.
  • Translate Spanish websites and create those same websites in English for a larger audience.

Although we haven’t fully started any of these projects, I am excited to participate and grow my skills while collaborating with my community partner!