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We began our third week working with Girls’ Inc by meeting with our co-workers on Monday. During the meeting, we focused on ways to support the staffers in teaching the national curriculum. It was great, because they provided us with a breakdown of each activity and lesson. As a DukeEngage student, I continue to see the importance of creating a successful lesson plan for the students- one that is informative and interactive.

On Tuesday afternoon, we applied our teaching skills in a different way- mentorship. The group attended a job interview and resume workshop hosted by Girls’ Inc for the students in their program. I was a bit nervous, because I was trying to think of ways to provide great advice to my group of girls. This included creating job interview scenarios, providing interview tips, and answering questions to the best of my ability. I also helped students complete their job resumes for their mock interviews. Overall, the girls were ambitious and excited, which made feel confident about my mentorship skills.

Thursday, we facilitated a icebreaker and lead a college panel for Girl’s Inc high school juniors. Facilitation was another way to showcase our teaching skills, as we had to create an icebreaker and measure its importance. Three other DukeEngagers and I helped facilitate a game called ‘Huggy Bear’. The game involves hugging groups of girls, but the catch is that they must have a certain number of girls in each group. After playing two rounds that involved eliminations and winners, we asked the girls about the game’s significance in relation to college. With our suggestions, the girls understood that is was importance to be inclusive and open to meeting others in college. Similar to hugging people during the game, it was ok to be a bit vulnerable and friendly with others.

I also thought the college panel was great, because I became a resourceful guide for the girls. My conversations with them about apply to schools, organizations, majors/ minors, and other topics were genuine. It was also exciting to answer their questions and address any other their concerns.

Finally, we ended our week with a reflection that included writing individuals goals for this summer. One goal that I wrote specifically for my teaching experience at Girls’ Inc was- “To lead with grace, integrity, and empathy.” As a teacher, I intend to keep this goal in mind and use it help make an impact with the girls I will be working with in the coming days. We still have one more week until camp begins and I couldn’t be anymore excited.