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We’ve crossed the halfway point of our time here in Durham UK, yet I still continue to pinch myself to make sure I haven’t been dreaming (and I’m not talking about the gorgeous weather we’ve had so far). Last week we completed a full week of working for Team Durham at the Maiden Castle facilities, and it has been a complete but welcome 180 degree reversal from what we’d been doing in North Carolina. In our service, we’ve assisted on a flurry of disparate programs designed to help a variety of local vulnerable adults–from taking nature walks with several clients who are on the spectrum, to playing a few games of football (do NOT call it soccer) with some justice-involved lads who’ve been on the path to correcting their lives. Indeed, Joyce and I have had our hands full with all sorts of tasks and activities at Team Durham. Additionally, we’ve been preparing the upcoming summer camps that will be held at Maiden Castle. Specifically, our supervisor Lynn has asked us to help incoming high school volunteers with attaining their NCFE certificates for volunteering, and basically just put them through a crash course to get them fully trained for volunteering.

Outside of work, last week had a few interesting activities that really helped us better understand the context and history of Durham UK. On Wednesday, our cohort visited the Durham Miner’s Hall at Redhill, where Patrick Conway spoke to us for a great length illuminating the history of politics here in town. Later in the week, we took a short excursion to the Beamish Open Air Museum. The entire site very much reminded me of Williamsburg historical site in Virginia, as there was a great deal of preserved historical buildings and artifacts on display, not to mention all of the re-enactors who donned the traditional outfits of the era! Overall, Beamish certainly is a must visit for educational and recreational purposes if you ever find yourself in northern England.


A select few of our cohort quested to pet every single horse at Beamish, in spite of the warning signs.