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DukeEngage South Korea 2018

It looks like after nearly five months of excitement and anticipation, I will finally be embarking to South Korea in little more than a couple days. Though most of my family has told me I am crazy for wanting to go to a country halfway across the world where I cannot speak the language, I have never been more enthusiastic about doing anything, especially something that I foresee as being quite trying and difficult. After all, I am going far beyond my comfort zone by leaving Miami and going to South Korea. Although I have been outside the country, I have usually gone to countries where I speak the language, like Colombia, Cuba, and Mexico. Now, however, I am going to Asia, somewhere no one in my family has ever gone.

While I pack, I am nervous about getting everything to fit in my luggage. However, I am much more nervous about the task we are setting out to complete. Teaching English requires a lot of patience and flexibility, and I am determined to keep that in mind while I am on this DukeEngage. I am so glad that at the training academy the past DukeEngagers gave us some tips to help us when engaging with children as well as how to be creative with the resources you are given. Without those tips, I think I would probably be a lot more nervous.

I’m so excited to get to know my fellow group members and be able to work with them. I am sure these next two months will be amazing, and I cannot wait until it starts! I hope that I will grow with this experience and come to gain something as well. It’s not every day that I am given an opportunity like this. I am so excited to take advantage of it, fully and completely.

For the Future

Some things to look out for in the coming weeks:

  • there will be many more blog posts and
  • definitely pictures to accompany as many blog posts as possible
  • some may even contain more than one or two
  • each week provides a new set of challenges and experiences