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There are only two weeks left of this internship, but I feel like I was never introduced to Miami until this week. On Sunday, during our weekly DukeEngage reflection session, we learned about the Miami neighborhoods of Little Haiti and Little Havana. Then, four of us including myself researched and presented to the rest of the group on the history, demographics, culture, and tourist attractions of Miami. I learned about some amazing places that I might have visited had I been in Miami, but of course did not actually get to visit. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that this internship has been virtual. That being said, there certainly have been upsides to this internship being virtual, like being able to live in a new city, Atlanta, that I otherwise would not have had a reason to experience. Also, I am very grateful just to have an internship where I have been able to learn a lot and meet some great people when many people that I know do not have an internship at all. And who knows, maybe someday I will get the chance to visit Miami after all.