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When you return to Duke after a summer of DukeEngage service, you may decide you want to tell your story to others. Writing, illustrating, video, photography — these are all excellent options for deeper reflection. They’re also valuable materials that will contribute to your personal brand now while you are an undergraduate … and in your future career. The reflection work that you create now can become part of your academic portfolio and your professional resume.

Examples of Ways to Share Your Story
close up of young woman's face

My DukeEngage Story: Jenna Peters, Kenya-WISER (VIDEO)

From anxious outsider to confident community member, Duke undergraduate Jenna Peters tells a story of transformation and acceptance — and a little dancing.

close up shot of young man's face

My DukeEngage Story: Mike Wang, Jordan (VIDEO)

Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan with his host community in Jordan, Mike Wang experienced a new dimension of religion and a deeper understanding of its place in the world.

young man's face, close up

My DukeEngage Story: Juan Granados, Colombia (VIDEO)

During his summer with DukeEngage in Colombia, Juan finally began to understand where he fits at the intersection of his American and Colombian heritage.

close up photo of young woman's face

My DukeEngage Story: Rohini Paul, Orange County, CA (VIDEO)

Working with a summer program for young girls in California, Rohini Paul learned powerful lessons about relationship-building and self identity.