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The guiDE program provides DukeEngage alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship and service opportunities that support wider DukeEngage efforts on campus and beyond.



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Major: Political Science

Contact John:

John is a sophomore in Trinity majoring in political science and psychology with a minor in Latin. He attended DukeEngage Serbia, where he interned with Trag Fondacija, a grant-making organization especially dedicated to assisting marginalized communities across the Western Balkans. On campus, he writes as a senior news reporter for the Duke Chronicle, serves as the attorney general for Duke Student Government, and tutors in Durham Public Schools. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, playing Scrabble, and reading about current events. Attached are a few blog posts he wrote while in Serbia:;

Resource Guide

Following his summer in Serbia, John developed the following list of resources for students who are interested in that program — or similar programs.

PUBPOL 301 (Dr. Deondra Rose): This course provides a solid framework into how policy and legislation develops in a democracy, crucial to making a difference in Serbia’s system.

RUSSIAN 101: Serbian and Russian are similar enough that a background in the latter should assist mightily with the former.

Community Empowerment Fund (similar types of work in collectivism)

Saint Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church (in Raleigh)