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The guiDE program provides DukeEngage alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship and service opportunities that support wider DukeEngage efforts on campus and beyond.



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Major: Public Policy and Global Health

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As a rising Duke sophomore pursuing degrees in both public policy and global health, Brianna Joyce is specifically interested in researching ways to strengthen health policy in order to identify and decrease systematic care barriers pertaining to access, quality, and cost for marginalized groups. This past summer, as part of Duke Engage, Brianna interned at the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center, a home-like setting where children of alleged child abuse cases are examined by medical professionals, interviewed by trained forensic interviewers, and given resources they need to heal. Research has shown that trauma experienced during a child’s youth negatively correlates with health outcomes later in life. As an intern, Brianna worked directly with advocates and case managers to prepare presentations for schools, pediatricians, and the New Orleans Police Department on topics such as No Hit Zones, corporal punishment, adverse childhood experiences, and human trafficking. She analyzed survey data and created visualizations for use in future presentations. Brianna is passionate about public health, and hopes that society begins to recognize child abuse as a public health issue. She feels extremely fortunate to have been chosen for her project, and is looking forward to meeting fellow Duke Engage Alumni, and becoming a mentor for other prospective DukeEngagers!

Resource Guide

Following her summer working in New Orleans, Brianna developed the following list of resources for students who are interested in that program — or similar programs.

PubPol 242S Child Policy Research “Major developmental stages of childhood and influences in a child’s life: parents/family life, schools, communities, and the economy.

Emphasis on 1) applying theory for analyzing complex societal problems (often involving issues of race, class, and gender); 2) using material and methodologies from psychology, sociology, economics, and public policy.” I believe this course would be helpful for DukeEngage students pursuing this program because it would provide important background information on the various factors during childhood, arguably the most formative years of one’s life, that influence them as they age. New Orleans, while a wonderful city, is complex and has a multitude of challenges, and so understanding how the development of children in society could provide an important framework for how children are impacted these challenges.

History 357S- The Insurgent South “Social movements in the South from Reconstruction to the present. Includes Populism, Women’s Suffrage, the Interracial Movement, labor, civil rights, post-1960s conservatism, environmental justice, and LGBTQ activism” New Orleans is a very diverse city, but despite this, its intimate ties to slavery and its race relations are important to learn in order to develop a complete understanding of the city and the dynamic relationships between various identities.

“More than 12 years after Hurricane Katrina, scientists are learning what makes some survivors more resilient than others” published on by Kelly Servick. This article explores the sociology studies that have been conducted to gauge how Katrina survivors have coped with the aftermath of the storm.

“What New Orleans Tells Us About the Perils of Putting Schools on the Free Market” published on The New Yorker by Gary Sernovitz

“New Orleans’ Affordable Housing Crisis: How Did We Get Here?” published on The New Orleans Tribune by Anitra D. Brown. One internship opportunity for DukeEngages in NOLA is at HousingNola, an organization dedicated to finding low-income housing options for individuals and families. Understanding the affordable housing crisis is imperative in recognizing that various factors determine homelessness.



New Orleans – The Natural History  New Orleans has a very distinct layout that contrasts to other cities that I am most familiar with, such as New York City and Philadelphia.

The Way we Think about Charity is Dead Wrong | Dan Pallotta Since all DukeEngage students in NOLA work for non-profit organizations of one kind or another, I think this is an excellent TEDTalk that highlights some of the misconceptions people have about ‘charity’ and what makes a charitable organization ‘successful’.

“How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime” | Nadine Burke Harris A very interesting TEDTalk regarding adverse childhood experiences by the first African American surgeon general in California.

Child Advocacy Commission One of the internship opportunities that DukeEngage New Orleans offers is at a children’s advocacy center, but regardless of where a student is placed, understanding the effects of trauma on children and society would be important for all members of the cohort.

Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture Jazz music is so engrained into the culture of New Orleans, and the Mary Lou offers jazz nights from 9:30PM -12:30AM on Wednesdays in the fall! I think attending an event or two where jazz is the center of attention could really introduce students to the soulfulness of the music.

Housing for New Hope Affordable housing has been a problem in New Orleans since before Hurricane Katrina, but the city has struggled significantly since then to support its minimum wage workers and families.