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The guiDE program provides DukeEngage alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship and service opportunities that support wider DukeEngage efforts on campus and beyond.

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DukeEngage Partner Organization:  Hanalei Watershed Hui

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

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Bri is a rising junior at Duke University who is pursuing a major in Environmental Science and Policy and minors in Political Science and Biology. Her concentration is Marine Science and Conservation. She is passionate about the ocean and conservation, and she hopes to be able to combine her talents, experience, and biological and social science backgrounds into a career in the field of environmental policy. Her friendly personality and willingness to engage with new communities allows her interact well with people of all ages because she loves to learn about what is most important to them when it comes to the natural world. Bri participated in DukeEngage Kaua’i during the summer of 2017. The focus areas for her program were environmental conservation and community development and outreach. She had the honor of working with the nonprofit known as the Hanalei Watershed Hui in Hanalei, Kaua’i. Her work varied from helping run a youth program titled Ahupua’a Explorations for children from 4th to 7th grade, to conducting a Makai Watch or a Neighborhood Watch for the ocean, to designing a household survey for the Hanalei community centered around water quality awareness and disaster resilience. Briana looks forward to utilizing the skills and knowledge she obtained during her time in Kaua’i in field of marine policymaking and analysis.

Resource Guide for DukeEngage USA - Kauai, HI

Following her summer working with Hanalei Watershed Hui, Briana developed the following list of resources for students who are interested in that program — or similar programs.