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The guiDE program provides DukeEngage alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship and service opportunities that support wider DukeEngage efforts on campus and beyond.



photo of Amy


Major: Biology and Global Health

Contact Amy:

Amy is an undergraduate student at Duke University interested in the biological, social, and environmental factors influencing gene expression, health, and disease. Passionate about the intersection of research with community perspectives and resources to shape positive childhood health outcomes, including community-level infrastructure for physical activity and well-being.

Resource Guide

Following her summer working in Vietnam, Amy developed the following list of resources for students who are interested in that program — or similar programs.

Courses in Education, Sociology, History

SOC 250 – Medical Sociology: This course explains how social factors, such as physical infrastructure, neighborhoods, race, and SES play a role in an individual’s health. In particular, the aspect of neighborhood and infrastructure was directly relevant to our project this year.