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The guiDE program provides DukeEngage alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship and service opportunities that support wider DukeEngage efforts on campus and beyond.



Alex playing the piano


Major: Linguistics

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Alexander Behura plans to major in linguistics and Chinese, but plans to minor in chemistry as he is on the Pre-Med track, with aspirations of become a cardiothoracic surgeon. A sophomore at Duke, Alexander continues his passion for music by composing, studying classical piano, and playing in the Duke Jazz Band. In Zhuhai, Alexander learnt about traditional Chinese medicine through his homestay mother- a former Chinese medicine practitioner. He taught English and was the pianist for the singing class, and also taught his own seminar on jazz fundamentals. An enthusiast in second-language acquisition, Alexander’s time in Zhuhai enabled him to learn and discover not only how to teach, develop curricula, and how to mentor, but also how to succeed under enormous time-pressures, stay in control and think quickly on his feet when plans constantly changed, and develop interpersonal skills across generations and cultures- all extraordinarily valuable in the health profession.

Resource Guide

Following his summer working in China, Alexander developed the following list of resources for students who are interested in that program — or similar programs.

Bilingualism 308S This course helped explain and celebrate the concept and practice of heritage speakers, as well as challenged us to examine perspectives of multiculturalism and multilingualism.