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How can your DukeEngage experience help you in the professional world?

DukeEngage participants go on to pursue a wide range of personal and professional goals. Civic engagement, travel and service-learning have each been recognized as aspects of the college experience that prove highly advantageous for students as they progress into the professional world. No matter what your future holds, participation in DukeEngage can add immeasurable value to your time at Duke, as you prepare for the next steps in your life and career.

Resume Tips

How do I represent DukeEngage on my resume?

Things to Include:

  • Time commitment, partnership, reciprocity, adaptability flexibility
  • Play up the selectivity: “DukeEngage is a fully-funded and highly selective program that provides undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in 8-weeks of immersive full-time volunteer service in communities around the world.”
  • Funding: Participation in DukeEngage is funded by Duke University
  • Be exact and truthful; highlight mentorship and supervision
  • Emphasize skills and collaboration with your organization
  • Be clear about the duration and specific about time commitment (min. 320 hours)

Ask Yourself

  • What would my community partner think of this title?
  • Does this title accurately represent the work I’ve done?
  • Does the way I have described my work highlight my partnership with my organization?

Good Examples
Additions to your resume should highlight specific skills used to make contributions during your experience, stressing the collaborative effort involved in completing your work.

Research Assistant at/for (lab/project) OR Volunteer Data Collection Analyst (Summer 2017)

  • Conducted a number of bio-diversity surveys in… on (type of fauna)
  • Analyzed (characteristic) in (fauna)
  • Assisted Project Supervisor in general tasks
  • Co-author or Mentioned in (paper) published in…
  • Funding from Duke University

Volunteer (Summer 2016)

  • Created a database that assisted the organization with…
  • Wrote several newsletters about…
  • Tracked health-care related scientific bills

Student Teacher or Education Facilitator/Mentor, Organization’s Name (Summer 2017)

  • Prepared and implemented English lessons at a middle school under supervision from experienced teacher

Partner Organization Intern (Summer 2016)

  • Developed a preventative health campaign
  • Assisted with youth addiction program
  • Created and implemented alternative rehabilitation techniques and training
  • Supported environmental education workshops

Bad Examples
Bad examples lack detail, overstate responsibilities or fail to illustrate collaboration with team members or community partners.

Chief Database Analyst (Summer of 2017)

  • Created and maintained a database that is used to formulate major policies

Full-time Middle School Teacher (Summer of 2017)

  • Designed and implemented an English curriculum for a middle school

Campaign Manager (Summer of 2017)

  • Single-handedly developed new techniques and training for rehabilitation

Student Awards

Your DukeEngage experience might be relevant when you are considering application for Duke awards — or external awards. Here are just a few of the awards that former DukeEngage alumni have applied for and/or received both on and off campus.

Baldwin Scholars Unsung Heroine Award

The Unsung Heroine Award recognizes a woman who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to issues that face women at Duke or in the larger community, but whose efforts have not received formal recognition.
Nominate your selection here.

Betsy Alden Outstanding Service-Learning Award 
The Betsy Alden Outstanding Service-Learning Awards recognize one graduating senior, one faculty member, and one community partner for their outstanding commitment to the ideals of service-learning.
Nominate your selection here.

Student Affairs Distinguished Leadership and Service Award 
The Student Affairs Distinguished Leadership and Service Awards honor graduating students whose collective contributions to the Duke and larger communities are grounded in values that support the University’s mission as found in the Duke Community Standard. Students who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership and service to others through character, collaboration and citizenship in their curricular and co-curricular endeavors are eligible for awards in these categories: Respect for Community, Commitment to Diversity, Demonstration of Integrity, Expanding the Boundaries of Learning.
Nominate your selection here.

#GotCaughtLeading recognizes and cultivates student leadership across campus every day, as it happens. Recognize the strong acts of character, collaboration, or citizenship by students regardless of title or positional role.
I see you #GotCaughtLeading

William J. Griffith University Service Award 
The William J. Griffith University Service Award will be presented to a select number of graduating students whose service and contributions to the Duke and larger communities have significantly impacted University life. Recipients will demonstrate effective University, communal and global citizenship.
Nominate your selection here.

Projects for Peace
Projects for Peace continues to support and encourage today’s motivated youth to create and test their own ideas for building peace.
Click here to learn more. 


Do you know of more awards or honors that might be of interest to DukeEngage program alumni?

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