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DukeEngage Builds Skills Employers Look For

Among the skills most attractive to employers are the following. They are also the skills most-often gained or improved during DukeEngage, as reported by program participants.

  • Problem-solving
  • Resiliency – Also Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Willingness to Learn – Also Humility and Curiosity
  • Communication & Teamwork
  • Ethics & Integrity

The Professional Benefits of DukeEngage

For more than a decade, DukeEngage has been a part of the educational experience for hundreds of students who have gone on to pursue a wide range of extraordinary personal and professional goals. And we are proud to say that the hard skills and soft skills acquired during a DukeEngage experience can give students a leg up on graduate school applications and in job interviews. No matter what your future holds, participation in DukeEngage can add immeasurable value to your time at Duke, and as you prepare for the next steps in your life and career.

But how do you capture all of that on your resume??

Scroll down to read articles about how your summer with DukeEngage might be very attractive to future employers who are looking for highly motivated, critical thinkers.

DukeEngage Strengthens Soft Skills Employers Love

Benefits of Travel & Study Abroad

Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Service-Learning

William Wright-Swadel on Internships vs. DukeEngage

“In the event of a recession, there would be a greater challenge searching for jobs and internships … Students’ ability to get experience will be challenged.” Programs such as DukeEngage and DukeImmerse, he says, can fill that experience gap. Read the full Chronicle article.