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Meet the 2018 Fellows

Six applicants were selected as the inaugural cohort of Brodhead Fellows. Three of the six are working with local partners to address issues in North Carolina, and two are returning to previous DukeEngage community partners. Fellows will be supported in developing their own professional and civic identities by faculty and alumni mentors and through participation in StartingBloc, a five-day institute designed to cultivate leadership skills.

Partner: U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants NC
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Alumni Mentor: Rebecca Johnson M.I.D.P.’11, FHI 360

“The connections that I formed with my students in Lebanon [during DukeEngage] remain important to me, and are a significant factor as to why I am still interested in improving the well-being of refugees and migrants and why I ultimately decided to pursue a project geared towards improving the health of persons with refugee status in Raleigh through the Brodhead Service Program.”

Partner: Waipa Foundation
Location: Hanalei, Hawaii

Alumni Mentor: Cavin Ward-Caviness Ph.D.’14, US Environmental Protection Agency

“I immersed myself in two summers of service and I know that my efforts were appreciated by my community partner. It is difficult to describe just how grateful I am for these experiences as they contribute to my personal and professional growth, but during the course of my two summers and even now I get moments of overwhelming waves of gratitude towards the program. It challenged me, made me mad, made me happy, and everything in between and allowed me to grow more as a person than I ever would have been able to in another non-service internship. It opened my eyes to the changing world and how to make the world a better place by changing myself.”


Partner: TechTown
Location: Detroit, Michigan

Alumni Mentor: Nicole Hess Kempton A.B.’01, Duke University

“While my DukeEngage Detroit experience exposed me to the many challenges in diversity and inclusion social innovators grapple with, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity of a second summer with my community partner, which allowed me to pursue a project in education that actively helped confront these challenges. I cannot describe the amount of personal growth I gained from the fellowship. Whether that is taking responsibility for my own projects or learning from other fellows and mentors, I will continue to apply what I’ve learned from these two summers to my career post-graduation and beyond.”

Partner: Community Empowerment Fund
Location: Durham, North Carolina

Alumni Mentor: Melinda Wiggins M.T.S.’94, Student Action With Farmworkers

“I have been so grateful for the opportunity to continue to engage with the Durham community, building my knowledge of service and non-profit work.”

Partner: Lower Eastside Girls Club
Location: New York City, New York

Alumni Mentor: Lauren Gardner M.B.A.’06, Emily K Center

“I am incredibly grateful for all the support and the extensive resources I have received through the Brodhead Service Fellowship Program. This experience gave me the rewarding and unprecedented opportunity to apply the lessons and skills I learned through my DukeEngage program to my civic engagement initiatives domestically.”

Partner: Family Success Alliance
Location: Hillsborough, North Carolina

Alumni Mentor: Gale Singer Adland B.S.’79, Meals on Wheels of Durham, Inc.

“From these two summers, I have gained lots of insight on community service and civic engagement. In Detroit and Chapel Hill, I have talked to people to understand their lives and figure out how I can help them. Researching the issues is important, but I have learned so much more by going out to the community and learning about the lives of other people. I hope to carry out the lessons at Duke and engage in more community service opportunities.”