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Meet the 2018 Fellows

Six DukeEngage alumni were selected to participate in the inaugural Brodhead Service Program, tackling diverse issues that range from immigration to conservation. Learn about the 2018 Fellows and their projects.

Program Overview

Duke undergraduates who have participated in DukeEngage and who are interested in a second summer of immersive service focused on issues in the United States are eligible to apply for a fellowship with the Brodhead Service Program. With leadership training and mentoring, Brodhead Fellows will contribute to local problem solving, deepen their understanding of social issues, learn about nonprofit organizations, and develop a commitment to civic engagement in their personal and professional lives.

The Brodhead Service Program will fully fund up to five students per summer. Through their work, Brodhead Fellows will develop a deeper personal commitment to the communities they serve as well as a greater understanding of social issues and the role of nonprofit professionals and volunteers in addressing pressing human needs. DukeEngage student learning and development goals will be enhanced through continued immersive service opportunities, structured group training and reflection, and individual professional mentoring.

Students are not required to submit a complete budget with their Brodhead Service Program application. DukeEngage calculates stipends for accepted participants, to include transportation costs, living expenses, Volunteer Sending Organization (VSO) program fees if applicable, etc. Brodhead Fellows will be responsible for arranging their own travel, lodging, insurance, and other expenses.

The Brodhead Service Program will prioritize civic engagement opportunities in the following order:

Mentoring & Support

Through a support network of DukeEngage staff, faculty advisors, Duke alumni, and partnering professionals, Brodhead Fellows will be supported in developing their own professional and civic identities.

  • Faculty Advisors – During the application process, students will select a faculty mentor to support their Brodhead Fellowship. We ask that faculty members provide technical and geographical experience on the student’s community-driven application. The Faculty Mentor role is closely modeled after the DukeEngage Independent Project Faculty Mentor role.
  • Duke Alumni Mentors – In collaboration with Duke Alumni Affairs, Fellows will complete a brief profile of personal and professional interests and goals. Based on these profiles, Fellows will be matched with two Duke alumni mentors. The first alumni mentor will be a Duke alum who exhibits a lifelong commitment to civic engagement. The second alumni mentor will be a Duke alum eight to twelve years post-graduation working in a nonprofit or related sectors.
  • StartingBloc Institute – Brodhead Fellows will receive tuition to attend the StartingBloc Institute taking place in Raleigh-Durham in June of 2018. This unique leadership institute is an in-service summer reflection opportunity and provides an additional network of professional support.

Program Expectations

  • Program location must be in the U.S. (please see above for priorities).
  • Accepted Brodhead Fellows will participate in the DukeEngage Academy Leader program where they will share their experiences and pre-departure advice to the outgoing cohort of DukeEngage students. During the Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy Fellows will also receive important information about their partnership outside of a group program experience.
  • Fellows will attend a daylong kick-off event following Duke’s graduation.
  • Fellows will complete weekly personal and professional assignments to facilitate the relationship with their alumni mentors.

At the completion of the Brodhead Service Program, Fellows are expected to submit the following:

  • ePortfolio reflection assignment
  • a written statement of gratitude (400-600 words) describing the project and its impact
  • 8-10 visual representations of impact (photos, videos, infographic, or deliverables of the experience)
  • a two-paragraph summary of the Brodhead Fellowship project
  • a one-paragraph statement from a Brodhead Service Program partner

2018-2019 Brodhead Fellowship Timeline: coming soon!

  • Application Opens: TBA
  • Brodhead Service Program Partnership Letter Deadline: TBA
  • Interviews: TBA
  • Notification: TBA
  • Closing Reflection Deadline: within two weeks of your program completion

Application: Summer 2018

Open the portal in Qualtrics to begin working on your application for a Brodhead Fellowship.