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DukeEngage Cabo Verde

May 22 – July 17, 2018

Urmi Pandya


Adaptability and Connections

DukeEngage Cabo Verde involves developing summer enrichment programs for youth. These programs can include art, martial arts, dance, singing, and educational games, for example. As part of this program, we have a rotation system with our community partner, ICCA. ICCA has three centers, and this past week, I was working at my third and final center, Nôs Kaza . This center reminded me of Lem Cachorro somewhat due to the ages and behavior of the kids, but this center is much smaller and more arts-focused. Due to not having space and other limitations, my group and I decided not to teach Tae Kwon Do. Instead, we mainly focused on helping with redecorating the center. We made stencils and painted, and sometimes while making stencils we would practice English with the kids. Art is not my forte, so making simple stencils was doable and fruitful since we could see the results quickly. Communication with the director on-site was also much easier than it was at the other centers since we were able to communicate in English with him, unlike in the other centers where we had to communicate in Krioulo, one of the two national languages of Cabo Verde.


This week, we also attended a Fourth of July celebration at the U.S. Ambassador’s house, and we met a few students from Wellesley College doing civic engagement projects here. That moment was amazing since we met people from an American institution like us and doing similar work. We also chatted with the Ambassador more about his career path and got the chance to re-connect with other people we’ve met throughout our time here.


Overall, it was a very enjoyable week and I am looking forward to the final projects next week!