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Since its inception in 2007, DukeEngage has sought input from faculty, students and staff, as well as community partners and national thought leaders. Their wisdom and insights help our leadership set the goals that frame our strategic plans.

DukeEngage 2017: A Blueprint for Deeper and Broader Engagement

Written in 2012, DukeEngage 2017 provided critical guidance during a period of rapid growth and evolution.

“By 2017, upon accomplishing each of our core strategic goals, DukeEngage will provide deeper and broader engagement for all of stakeholders and underscore its value to Duke University as one of its signature undergraduate programs.”

Download DukeEngage 2017: A Blueprint for Deeper and Broader Engagement.

Coming Soon: Our Vision for DukeEngage 2022

As DukeEngage celebrates 10 years of successful programming, we have also embarked on an ambitious new strategic plan designed to guide our work for the next five years. We look forward to sharing our new plan in the fall of 2017.