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DukeEngage is fortunate to benefit from counsel, advice and feedback offered by its various advisory boards. As an ever-evolving educational enterprise, we work closely with our national advisors, our Duke faculty advisors and a group of active DukeEngage alumni to continue to enrich the DukeEngage experience.

Learn about Our Advisors

  • Robert Korstad, Professor of Public Policy and History
  • Gary Bennett, Professor of Psychology, Global Health Medicine
  • Nimmi Ramanujam, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • David Rabiner, Professor of Research
  • Kenneth Rogerson, Professor
  • David Boyd, Professor of Global Health
  • Linda Franzoni, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Robert Malkin, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Rebecca Bach, Professor of the Practice of Sociology
  • Steve Nowicki, Dean of Undergraduate Education, Professor
  • Elaine Madison, Associate Director, DukeEngage

Our National Advisory Board is comprised of prominent Duke alumni and friends from around the country who have demonstrated the values of leadership and service that DukeEngage embodies. The role of this Board is one of advice and advocacy.

Upcoming Meetings

  • November 7-8, 2019
  • April 2-3, 2020

The Board assists the executive director of DukeEngage and his staff by alerting them to civic engagement opportunities for our students, suggesting how we might best structure these opportunities and advising how we can involve Duke alumni. The Board also offers advice on goal-setting, strategy and plans for the raising of funds to benefit DukeEngage.

Current Members

  • Benay Todzo P’20, P’22, Hillsborough, CA (co-chair)
  • Mark Todzo ’86, P’20, P’22, Hillsborough, CA (co-chair)
  • Nicole Abuhaydar, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Tosin Agbabiaka ’10, Brooklyn, NY
  • Michael Barry ’92, Naples, FL
  • Wendy Bilas ’85, P’17, Charlotte, NC
  • Karen Bond ’80, Baltimore, MD
  • Tony Burt ’78, P’17, Evanston, IL
  • Holly Tate Clark ’00, Ross, CA
  • Larry Clark ’81, M.B.A.’87, P’16, Rolling Hills, CA
  • Dennis Clements H.S. ’73-’74, H.S. ’86-’88, P’04, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Jeff Coopersmith ’86, P’21, Bellevue, WA
  • Tori Dauphinot P’15, P’16, Greenwich, CT
  • Joel Fleck ’94, Manhassat, NY
  • Leslie Fleck ’95, Manhassat, NY
  • Michael Galgon ’90, Seattle, WA
  • Richard Hogan ’81, P’14, Houston, TX
  • Barbara Janulis ’83, New York, NY
  • Ellen Kollar ’89, P’21, Kenilworth, IL
  • Patricia Morton ’77, P’06, Charlotte, NC
  • Andrew Nurkin ’03, Lambertville, NJ
  • Karin Ruetzel ’79, P’17, Evanston, IL
  • Steve Schewel ’73, PhD’82, Durham, NC (ex officio)
  • John Schilling ’92, P’22, Lake Bluff, IL
  • Lisa Schilling ’93, P’22, Lake Bluff, IL
  • Tre’ Scott ’15, Washington, DC
  • Diane Senior ’89, P’20, Newton Square, PA
  • Stacie Berger Siebrecht ’93, Seattle, WA
  • Stefanie Snow ’87, P’21, Bellevue, WA
  • Don Stanners ’79, P’15, P’20, Lafayette, CA
  • Elizabeth Stanners P’15, P’20, Lafayette, CA
  • Linda Sterling ’82, M.B.A. ’83, Montclair, NJ

Honorary Members

Peter Lange P’07, P’14, Durham, NC


The guiDE program provides DukeEngage alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship and service opportunities that support wider DukeEngage efforts on-campus and beyond.

The DukeEngage Alumni Working Group provides information, advice, and feedback to DukeEngage leadership on matters relating to maintaining and strengthening relationships with program alumni after they complete a DukeEngage program and graduate from Duke University.

Current Members

  • Emily Lang ’11, New York, NY (chair) — DukeEngage-Kakamega, Kenya
  • Melissa Benn ’14, Washington, DC — DukeEngage-Thailand
  • Amber Black ’16, Durham, NC — DukeEngage-New York
  • Catalina Buitrago ’10, New York, NY — DukeEngage-Uganda
  • Anders Campbell ’09, Durham, NC — DukeEngage-Durham
  • Leah Catotti ’15, Raleigh, NC — DukeEngage-Kenya, WISER
  • Andrew Cho ’18, Washington, DC — DukeEngage-Korea
  • Elad Gross ’10, St. Louis, MO — DukeEngage-St. Louis
  • Grace Hopkins ’14, Durham, NC — DukeEngage-Kenya, WISER
  • Tyler Huffman ’09, Washington, DC — DukeEngage-Yemen
  • Maxwell Kligerman ’11, Stanford, CA — DukeEngage-Haiti
  • Courtney Liu ’13, New York, NY — DukeEngage-Zhuhai, China
  • Patrick Oathout ’14, Washington DC — DukeEngage-Jordan
  • Leighanne Oh ’15, New York, NY — DukeEngage-Beruit
  • Alexandra Shams Ortiz ’10, San Antonio, TX — DukeEngage-Kolkata
  • Adam Petty ’14, Fargo, ND — DukeEngage-Uganda
  • Sarah Rapaport ’18, Belmont, MA — DukeEngage-Kakamega, Kenya
  • Sarah Robinson ’12, Durham, NC — DukeEngage-Cape Town
  • Alexander Sonageri ’14, New York, NY — DukeEngage-Guatemala
  • Jay Sullivan ’16, Malaysia — DukeEngage-Uganda
  • Alexandra Swain ’13, Durham, NC — DukeEngage-Cape Town
  • Tong Xiang ’13, Boston, MA — DukeEngage-Kakamega, Kenya