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Being part of the Latinx community, I used to think that I was aware of immigration issues. I thought I knew everything that one could possibly know. I was wrong.

During my first week in Tucson, we saw the immigration issues from a different perspective each day. One of the days was reserved to visiting the Native American reservation of the Tohono O’odham. Here we learned about how the border affected them. I learned about how the land of these people lays in both Mexico and the United States, and the border effectively divides their land and people in two. These people often have to cross between the border and are often harassed by the Border Patrol, who frequently violate their rights. Since immigration debates only include DACA and the border wall, their voices and these injustices are often forgotten.

Before coming here, I used to think that immigration only affected my community and that I knew everything I needed to know. It is important to understand that every issue contains intersectionalities. We need to understand that immigration issues and the border wall affect various communities and the environment and we need to hear every voice.