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It’s a bit strange that DukeEngage is ending this week since my internship is going to continue for another month. I’ll have a couple fewer meetings each week, but mostly my days are going to remain the same through July. I think the disjointed timelines have contributed to the Engage aspects of my summer and the Florida Justice Institute aspects seeming somewhat separate. While I won’t get to see my Engage cohort anymore, nor hear about what they are doing, I will still have my group of FJI interns. However, there really are things I’ll miss. I am particularly sad about the speaker series ending, as I really enjoyed getting to hear perspectives beyond just my organization’s on the issues I’m working on. I also think that Engage has really added to my internship by providing a community to deepen my learning, and a support structure to ensure that I am prepared and succeeding every step of the way. I will need to make sure that I independently continue with the reflection that DukeEngage encourages through the rest of my internship, even if I no longer have a formal avenue for it. So, while I am sad that Engage is ending, I am glad my internship is not yet. There is still a lot I want to do and learn at FJI, and I am grateful to have more time. In the past few weeks I’ve sat in on legal calls, depositions, planning meetings, etc. and have learned so much from each one, broadly changing my perspective on the problems FJI seeks to solve and the techniques they use to do so. I am mostly just appreciative of the effort people invested in me this summer, both on the part of Engage and FJI, and hope that I was able to adequately give back in return.