The guiDE program provides DukeEngage alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship, and service opportunities that support wider DukeEngage efforts on-campus and beyond.

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Since 2007, DukeEngage has relied on regular and important collaboration with students, primarily those who apply to and are selected to serve on the Student Advisory Committee.

This year, the Student Advisory Committee is asked to lead a larger leadership role. Through a project-based application and staff-led working groups, guiDEs support their specific program and DukeEngage values by creating training resources, serving as peer advisers, and mentoring students through their civic engagement development.   As of such, the DukeEngage Student Advisory Committee (SAC) has been renamed to reflect their new role and position: guiDEs.

The guiDE program consists of 20 - 30 DukeEngage alumni who are selected based on their interests, skills, and commitment to civic engagement on the Duke  campus.  guiDEs can also be nominated by their Program Director and their peers.  To allow all students to have an opportunity to serve, guiDEs will be admitted each semester for the 2016-2017 academic year.

guiDEs commit to serving a minimum of 40 hours per semester.  As such, they are expected to attend the following events:

  • Full-Day Retreat
  • Bi-Weekly Meetings (With snacks! Dates & location set at the beginning of the year based on student availability)
  • 10 Hours of Formal DukeEngage Events, for example:
    • Back at Duke Series
    • Info Sessions & DukeEngage Week
    • Drop-In Advising
    • Pre-Departure Training Events
    • Special events with donors and VIPs
  • A commitment to related personal and professional development events
  • An End-of-Semester Check-In with guiDE Staff Liaison

Opportunities as a guiDE:

  • To stay connected with your DukeEngage program staff and future cohorts of your DukeEngage program
  • To serve as a peer adviser/mentor throughout the application and service process
  • To have a greater leadership role on campus and influence decisions that impact DukeEngage
  • To meet new people: other Duke students, the DukeEngage staff, alumni, and other advisory groups
  • To grow personally & professionally