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VIDEO: Duke Alum and DukeEngage Community Partner Honored by American Society of Civil Engineers

  • 05.15.15
  • Posted By: Cathy S

VIDEO: Duke Alum and DukeEngage community partner, Maria Gibbs, was named by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the year's "10 New Faces of Civil Engineering," in part for her work with Bridges to Prosperity.

Duke Approves New Certificate in Civic Engagement and Social Change

  • 05.08.15
  • Posted By: Cathy S

In late April, after lengthy discussion and consideration, the Arts and Sciences Council at Duke approved a proposal to create the new certificate program, which has both academic and co-curricular requirements.

Students in the certificate program will take a gateway class, a capstone seminar and two electives. They will also complete significant volunteer, civic and/or community service with at least two programs, one a 300-hour commitment and one a 150-hour commitment.

DukeEngage participants are encouraged to learn more about the certificate program, as their summer hours of program service likely exceed the larger 300-hour requirement.

Read The Chronicle's article about announcement.


guiDE group wraps up first successful year

  • 04.13.15
  • Posted By: Emily Durham
    • guiDE program 2014-2015

This past Friday, April 10 wrapped up the last meeting of the year for the guiDE group.  Over the course of the year, the guiDE group has played a pivotal role in representing their DukeEngage programs, serving as peer advisors and peer mentors to future DukeEngage participants, and serving in an advisory role to the DukeEngage office. 

The guiDE program provides DukeEngage alumni a pathway to continue their commitment to service and civic engagement by providing leadership, mentorship, and service opportunities that support wider DukeEngage efforts on-campus and beyond.


DukeEngage invites faculty & staff to apply to lead new programs

  • 02.11.15
  • Posted By: Jacki

Looking ahead to summer 2016, DukeEngage invites Duke faculty members, staff and campus-based Centers to apply to lead new DukeEngage programs.  To facilitate the program planning and development process, we are pleased to announce both our call for new program proposals and the opportunity to obtain a Site Exploration grant in support of new program proposals. 

Interested members of the campus community can learn more here.

New program proposals are due by Friday, August 14, 2015 while applications for Site Exploration grants are due Friday, April 17.

DukeEngage holds US-based group program Q&A Google hang-out

  • 01.21.15
  • Posted By: Emily Durham
DukeEngage alumni and guiDEs - Rashi Vora (DE NOLA '13), Peter Shi (DE Detroit '14), and Payal Chakraborty (DE NOLA ' 14) - along with Assistant Director of Programs Emily Durham hosted a pre-application deadline Google hang-out Thursday evening [Jan 15].  The nearly hour long hang-out aimed to answer questions from students who were considering applying to one of 13 U.S.-based programs offered by DukeEngage. 

Watch the Google hang-out session in its entirety here.





Duke's Civic Engagement Efforts Recognized

  • 01.14.15
  • Posted By: Jacki

Duke’s efforts to promote civic engagement among its students, which range from high-profile initiatives such as DukeEngage and the College Advising Corps to wide-ranging classes, organizations and programs, have been recognized by a prominent national organization that tracks civic engagement activities at colleges and universities nationwide.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has renewed Duke’s place on its list of “community engaged institutions.” It cited Duke’s “excellent alignment among campus mission, culture, leadership, resources and practices that support dynamic and noteworthy community engagement.”

Read more:

DukeEngage holds pre-application deadline Google hang-out

  • 11.04.14
  • Posted By: Eric Van Danen

DukeEngage student Andrew Kragie and Assistant Director of Programs Emily Durham hosted the first-ever pre-application deadline Google hang-out Monday evening [Nov. 3].  The nearly 30-minute hang-out aimed to answer questions from students who were considering applying to one of 39 international and U.S.-based programs offered by DukeEngage.  The application deadline for international programs is Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 12 noon.

Watch the Google hang-out session in its entirety here.

Duke Today highlights faculty leading DukeEngage programs

  • 10.10.14
  • Posted By: Eric Van Danen

A Duke Today article highlights Duke faculty leading DukeEngage programs. 

Some related Summer 2014 facts:

# of DukeEngage Group Programs: 40

    - 30 international group programs

    - 9 U.S.-based programs

    -1 "Hybrid" program (Durham, NC/Durham, England)

# of student participants: 425 (which includes 40 independent project students)

# of nations served in 2014: 46 (includes both group programs and independent projects)

# of U.S. states served in 2014: 9

# of faculty/staff program leaders in 2014:   24

# of faculty fellows: 10  (faculty who serve as liaisons to programs managed by partner organizations --- volunteer sending organizations --- in different parts of the world)

# of independent project faculty/staff mentors in 2014:   36

# of overall faculty/staff involvement for 2014:   70


New 2015 U.S. and International Programs Announced

  • 10.01.14
  • Posted By: Eric Van Danen

Two new California programs, new initiatives in Turkey and Peru, and expanded Tucson program with Chiapas, Mexico component offered in 2015

In an ongoing effort to expand the number of opportunities for students to serve in the U.S., two new California-based programs—one in San Francisco and the other in Orange County—are among the new DukeEngage summer of service offerings for 2015.

In San Francisco, DukeEngage participants will confront urban homelessness while working with nonprofits focused on providing services—such as temporary shelter, employment skills training, nutrition, and health information—for homeless youth and other youth at risk. Participants will also work with youth who are homeless or at risk of discrimination, harassment, or familial rejection due to their sexual or gender identity to help them meet their basic needs for housing, food, and employment. The program is led by Rebecca Bach, associate professor of the practice of sociology, and Janie Long, associate vice provost for undergraduate education.

The new DukeEngage in Orange County program will place DukeEngage students with Girls Incorporated of Orange County (GIOC)–an affiliate of the national organization dedicated to teaching at-risk girls and underserved girls to be self-sufficient, successful adults. The program focuses on personal development, health, and STEM education for underrepresented minorities.  The program is led by Christine Mulvey, research scientist in Duke’s Tissue Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory, and Nimmi Ramanujam, professor of biomedical engineering.

New DukeEngage international initiatives include programs in Dalyan, Turkey, and Cusco, Peru. 

In the new Peru program, organized by DukeEngage partner the School for International Training (SIT), students will learn about the history and cultural identity of Peru's native Andean communities while examining these groups' community development, preservation, and advocacy efforts in the context of shifting global forces. DukeEngage has enjoyed a successful relationship with SIT, which also organizes DukeEngage programs in Jordan and Serbia.

In Turkey, DukeEngage students will participate in sea turtle conservation activities, including the monitoring and protection of incubating eggs and the rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles. Students will also engage in conservation education and outreach. The program is led by Matthew Godfrey, adjunct assistant professor in Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment, and Yakup Kaska, director of the DEKAMER Sea Turtle Center in Dalyan, Turkey, and a professor of biology at Pamukkale University in Denizli.

“We are particularly pleased that one-third of our 39 programs in 2015 will take place in the U.S.” said Eric Mlyn, executive director of DukeEngage and assistant vice provost of civic engagement at Duke said, “In addition to promising new programs in California, we also welcome the return of our Boston initiative, led by David Malone in the Program in Education, and a restructured Tucson program, which will introduce a cultural immersion component in Chiapas, Mexico, to help students gain a more global understanding of immigration issues.”

During the summer of 2015, DukeEngage will fund and support the placement of as many as 435 Duke students in both group programs and independent projects. Students can explore all DukeEngage opportunities available for Summer 2015 at as well as by attending presentations offered by faculty and former participants during “DukeEngage Week – International / Independent,” Oct. 20-24, 2014, and “DukeEngage Week – U.S. Programs,” Jan. 13-15, 2015. General information sessions will be held Oct. 3, 9, 15 and 28. 

Interested students may begin their application online at the DukeEngage web site beginning Oct. 1. The application deadline for international group programs is Nov. 5, 2014, while the application deadline for U.S.-based programs and independent projects is Jan. 20, 2015. 

Since 2007, when DukeEngage was launched, more than 2,800 Duke students have volunteered through DukeEngage with more than 600 community partners in over 79 nations on six continents.  


DukeEngage Students Explore Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Detroit

  • 09.18.14
  • Posted By: Eric Van Danen
    • DukeEngage in Detroit MI

A special Duke Today feature highlights DukeEngage's new program in Detroit, which launched in the summer of 2014.  The feature includes photography by Katherine Black, who served as the program's site coordinator.  The program is led by Matthew T.A. Nash, managing director for social entrepreneurship, Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative; and center director, Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD), Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship, Fuqua School of Business; and Christopher Gergen, CEO, Forward Impact; and a fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship, Fuqua School of Business. DukeEngage in Detroit will run again during the summer of 2015.

View the feature in its entirety here. 

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