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2016 Photo Find Winners Announced

  • 09.27.16
  • Posted By: Kate Rodgers

Congrats to the winning participants in the 2nd annual DukeEngage Photo Find Awards. During their summer working with community partners in the U.S. and abroad, DukeEngage group and independent project participants were invited to submit their best photos in four categories: immersion, partnership, reflection and gratitude. The following 8 images and artist statements were selected as winners because they best represent the DukeEngage mission and values.

See the photos on the DukeEngage website, or in The Chronicle.

Eric Mlyn Recieves the Masai Staff from Kimana, Kenya

  • 09.12.16
  • Posted By: Kate Rodgers
    • Masia Staff from Kimana, Kenya

Brian Grasso, Sage Garcia, and Matthew Brague presented DukeEngage Executive Director, Eric Mlyn with the Masai Staff after returning from a DukeEngage independent project in Kimana, Kenya. The staff is a symbol of the highest authority in the Masai culture, and the boys were asked by the community to give it to the "male leader" of DukeEngage. The boys partnered with Just One Africa and Lenkai Christian School for ten weeks this past summer, and worked closely with the community in Kimana through various projects.

DukeEngage and the Global Education Office to Offer Dinners for Returning Students

  • 09.08.16
  • Posted By: Kate Rodgers

As reported by Nidhila Masha of The Chronicle, DukeEngage and the Global Education Office have partnered to create programing to support students coming back to Duke after time abroad. 

"The Chronicle's Nidhila Masha interviewed Carolyn Covalt and Abigail Grubbs - program coordinators for the Global Education Office for Undergraduates - and Meredith Casper, the assistant director for training and student development at DukeEngage. They discussed the reasons for the dinner series and the difficulties students face re-adjusting to life on campus."

Read the full interview

Sister City of Durham, England, Brings Shakespeare to Duke

  • 09.08.16
  • Posted By: Kate Rodgers

On Wednesday, September 7, The Chronicle reported that "Much Ado About Nothing" will be preformed at Duke and Durham by the Castle Theatre Company, a result of the relationship between Durham, England, and Durham, North Carolina, fostered by DukeEngage.

"This 'Much Ado' also has a broader significance, both at home and overseas. It is the next step for DukeEngage Durham-Durham: since 2012, Duke students have been visiting our Sister City every summer to do community service. This visit will further strengthen the bond between Duke and Durham University, and hopefully anticipate more student collaborations in the future."

Read the full article here

Eric Mlyn, Executive Director of DukeEngage, on Social Innovation and Civic Engagement in Higher Education

  • 09.08.16
  • Posted By: Kate Rodgers

Working with Ms. Amanda Moore McBride of the University of Denver, Eric Mlyn, the executive director of DukeEngage, has published an essay on social innovation and civic engagement, which can be found in Diversity and Democracy's summer issue as well as here, on the Association of American Colleges and Universities website.

"Look at the traffic in your email inbox over the last week. If your inbox looks like ours, take note of the number of emails you have received, from both internal and external colleagues, announcing a new undergraduate competition for the best innovative solution to a social problem, a new course on how to construct a business plan to start a social impact organization, or a competition for funding to start a new campus organization. To us, the volume of these emails is stunning, and it speaks to a broader trend in the higher education system."

DukeEngage Alum Diana Anthony, Indy '14, Returns to Ecuador to Continue Work with ROMP

  • 09.08.16
  • Posted By: Liz Corrao

“It was the most amazing marriage of creativity, engineering and art that I’d ever seen,” DukeEngage alum Diana Anthony recalls of her time spent volunteering at the Range of Motion Project (ROMP) lab in Quito, Ecuador during the Summer of 2014. ROMP, a mobility organization, supplies prosthetic limbs and orthotic braces to those who do not readily have access to these services. 

“I loved my time in the lab,” Anthony adds, “getting the hands-on experience of building a substitute for a human limb—the opportunity to help build the leg that would help someone walk again for the first time, and to watch them take their first steps—what an amazing experience!”

Anthony believes that some of the most valuable aspects of the volunteer program include working within a small team environment and witnessing first-hand ROMP’s impact on patients. “Volunteers get to interact with those they are volunteering to help. They are able to directly see the benefits of their work.” Anthony adds, “Not only are you able to help and give back, but personally, you learn a lot about the field of prosthetics and public health in the developing world.”

After finishing her degree, Anthony returned to Quito to work at ROMP full time as the Operations Manager for ROMP Global. Her responsibilities include managing a 3D printing project that she had started while she was a DukeEngage volunteer. “Taking the lead on the 3D printing project two years ago helped solidify my role as the manager of our 3D printing labs in all of our locations,” Anthony explains, “I scout new technologies or companies that I think might benefit ROMP, and then I get us involved.”

DukeEngage and ROMP celebrated their 5th year of partnership this summer. In her current role, Anthony works with DukeEngage volunteers and encourages more to apply. “Do it!” she says, “No matter if you think your Spanish isn’t quite there yet, or you aren’t sure what direction you want to take your studies or career. This organization and the people it serves are some of the best people you will ever meet, and they will show you a whole world of inspiration, dedication, and a desire to better themselves and the people around them. I can’t tell you exactly what this experience will do for you or how it may shape you, but I can tell you that it is worth it.”


This article was written by Brandi Thomas, guest writer.  


Mlyn Reappointed Executive Director of DukeEngage

  • 07.26.16
  • Posted By: Cathy S

On Monday, July 25, Duke Today reported that Dr. Eric Mlyn will continue in his leadership role with DukeEngage. 

"Eric Mlyn has been reappointed to a third term as the Peter Lange Executive Director of DukeEngage, announced Steve Nowicki, dean and vice provost for undergraduate education.

Duke regularly conducts five-year reviews of deans and senior administrative positions, and Mlyn’s recommendation for reappointment follows an evaluation by a faculty committee headed by sociology Professor Martha Reeves."

Read the full article. 

DukeEngage Alum Suhani Jalota Named Glamour Magazine College Woman of the Year

  • 04.19.16
  • Posted By: Liz Corrao

     Glamour Magazine recently named ­­DukeEngage alum Suhani Jalota as one of its 2016 College Women of the Year. The magazine annually selects ten young women who have made a serious impact in either their local communities or on a global scale. In May 2015, Jalota founded the Myna Mahila Foundation, a social enterprise that helps facilitate access to menstrual hygiene products in impoverished areas of India.

        Jalota’s passion for global health has long been an aspect of her Duke experience. In 2013, Jalota participated in a DukeEngage Independent Project, which focused on improving sanitation systems and awareness in Maharashtra, India, through partnership with NGOs in the area. Jalota and the Myna Mahila Foundation have since worked to improve women’s health in the Mumbai area by selling high quality feminine hygiene products at a low cost.

      The award from Glamour Magazine, along with the $20,000 grand price, honors Jalota’s ongoing impact on the welfare of women in the slum communities of Mumbai. To read the feature in Glamour Magazine, click here.

Sherryl Broverman to Receive Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

  • 04.04.16
  • Posted By: Liz Corrao
     Sherryl Broverman, President of WISER International and leader of the DukeEngage in Kenya – WISER program, will receive the 2016 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award from Duke. The DukeEngage community would like to congratulate her for this prestigious award, which recognizes one graduating senior and one member of faculty, staff, or the graduate student body for their dedication to service.
     Broverman co-founded Women in Secondary Education and Research (WISER) in 2006, and currently serves as the President of the organization. As DukeEngage in Kenya program leader, Broverman guides participants through partnership with the NGO, improving health and educational conditions for young women in Kenya. She has long served as an inspiration to students who wish to help empower Kenyan youth, and is well-deserving of the award for this reason.
     A public ceremony for this year’s award will be held on May 4th at 11:00am in the Allen Board Room. We are extremely proud of Broverman’s accomplishment, and we hope that she will continue encouraging others to engage in meaningful service. To learn more about the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, click here. 


DukeEngage Alum Cuquis Robledo Continues Activist Efforts on Campus

  • 03.08.16
  • Posted By: Liz Corrao
     Cuquis Robledo has continued her activist efforts upon returning from her DukeEngage in Seattle experience. In Seattle, Robledo worked with Disability Rights Washington engaging in research, writing, and video production projects focused on protecting the rights of those with disabilities. She currently serves as president of Duke Disability Alliance, and has recently spoken out to urge Duke to increase accessibility for the disabled. This urgent request was recently featured in the Chronicle, in which Robledo discusses her personal difficulties entering specific buildings due to a lack of necessary renovations. Robledo’s campus involvement and its link to her DukeEngage focus serves as an inspiration for other DukeEngage participants to make similar connections. To read the full Chronicle article, click here. 

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