Drop-In Advising Dates 2016-17

All drop-in advising will take place in Smith Warehouse, Room B252 (DukeEngage classroom, Bay 7 South, 2nd floor), unless otherwise noted.

  • Friday, October 14, 12:30-2:30PM
  • Thursday, October 27, 1-3PM
  • Friday, October 28, 12:30-2:30PM
  • Tuesday, November 1, 1-3PM
  • Tuesday, Dec 6, 1-3PM - Smith Warehouse Room B177 (Bay 6, 1st floor)
  • Thursday, Dec 8, 1-3PM - Smith Warehouse Room B177 (Bay 6, 1st floor)
  • Wednesday, January 11, 1-3PM
  • Friday, January 13, 12:30-2:30PM

How to Choose a DukeEngage Program

STEP 1:  Follow DukeEngage on Facebook and join our e-mail list to get notices about key events and deadlines (early fall semester).

STEP 2: Explore the DukeEngage website and read student blogs from previous years; become familiar with new and continuing group programs (announced Oct. 1) (early fall semester).

STEP 3: Attend a general information session and DukeEngage Week I and DukeEngage Week II (sessions covering each individual international group and independent projects, regardless of location) (October and January).

STEP 4: Questions to consider:

  • What program themes interest you?  Consider 2 or 3 program themes – such as engineering, the environment, women’s advocacy, health outreach – that excite you or that connect in meaningful ways to your academic journey.  Thoroughly review programs listed under these themes here. You may discover programs in locations you might not have otherwise considered.  Also, recognize that some group programs are multi-thematic and students aren't necessarily guaranteed specific thematic placements within these particular programs. 
  • Have you researched potential host communities? As you explore potential programs that might be the right fit for you, learn as much as you can about the community partners with which you could be working and the unique communities in which these partners operate.  Seek out online articles, films, speakers, related events, and resources on campus.  Finally, ask yourself, is the geographic location more appealing to me than the kind of work I’d be doing daily?  If that’s the case, you may want to reconsider a community partner initiative that would truly engage you, regardless of location. 
  • Are your skills and background truly a match?  Program leaders, ultimately select students who possess applicable skills, have taken related coursework and/or have previous work or volunteer experience that supports the scope of service underway in their respective programs.  Make a list of what you offer, which could include teaching or tutoring, language proficiency, documentary work, research, fundraising, social media and more.  Consider how your skills truly relate to a program that interests you.

STEP 5: Access drop-in advising sessions with DukeEngage advising staff (beginning in October, dates/times/locations announced via Facebook and e-mail list).

*Note: If you are considering the independent project option, students are required to meet with a DukeEngage advisor (in person or via Skype if off campus) prior to submitting an independent project application. This meeting can take place at any point during the process outlined below, but no later than January 13, 2017 (for summer 2017).  To schedule an appointment, please send an email to dukeengage@duke.edu.

  • Worksheet: Deciding which DukeEngage program to apply for
  • Not sure which DukeEngage program to apply for? Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself.

  • Download PDF