This program is organized by SIT Study Abroad in collaboration with DukeEngage. 

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Program Dates

May 18 - July 21

Service Focus 

Supporting the efforts of local organizations in and around Amman, Jordan focused on educational, environmental, economic, health, refugee, and social issues.

Program Leaders  

  • , Program Director, SIT Study Abroad Jordan
  • , Custom Program Manager, SIT Study Abroad
  • , Arabic Instructor, Department of Asian and Middle Easters Studies, Duke University; DukeEngage in Jordan Faculty Fellow

At the site, students will also be supported by:

  • Ms. Rawan Samaen, Homestay Coordinator
  • Ms. Dema Al Oun, Students Affairs
  • Mr. Abd AlKarim Lasassmeh, Administrative Assistant


Language/Other Prerequisites: There are no language prerequisites for this program. Students will all participate in 20‐30 hours of language training prior to starting their volunteer work. For students who have studied Arabic, this program provides an opportunity to practice the language.

Our community partners value students with computer skills specifically for web design and social media outreach. However, any experience with office software like excel is also highly sought after. Our programs tend to be very heavy in research and writing so students should be prepared to employ analytical and writing skills.

Course Requirements: We prefer students who have experience with grant writing, group proposals, and statistical analysis, but do not require any specific coursework to be completed for a student to apply.

Program Scope

  1. Orientation and foundation building – Students will spend a week getting to know the city of Amman, participating in language courses, and learning about the social, political, and religious environment in which they will be living. Each lecture will focus on a different theme, examples of which include the women’s movement in Jordan, environmental concerns and efforts, or economic reform. A prominent figure in the respective field will provide each lecture as a guest instructor. For example, on a recent program the former prime minister, Dr. Jawad Anani, held a lecture regarding the political system in Jordan.
  2. Field Work – students will be assigned to various organizations either as individuals or small groups. The main focus of this particular module is cooperation and association for community development. Therefore, projects will range from teaching English and writing proposals, to working on conservation efforts in rural areas. More information can be found in the Service Opportunities section.
  3. Re‐entry and evaluation – At the end of the program students will participate in a final wrap-­up of the program and go through SIT Study Abroad’s re-­entry program. This program helps students identify ways in which to process their experience and apply it in their lives (inside and outside the classroom) when they return. However, students will also be evaluated while the program is running and will be visited at their work place weekly by an assistant academic director from SIT.

To see this program profile in its entirety, please access the PDF document in the column to the right.

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  • The PDF above details the DukeEngage in Jordan program in its entirety. All program details, including program dates, are subject to change leading up to the point of departure.

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