Fall 2014 Information Sessions Schedule

General information sessions offer a broad overview of DukeEngage and its application process following the announcement of new and continuing programs for summer 2015. Independent project information sessions focus on creating and applying to conduct an independent project. Students are strongly encouraged to attend information sessions before applying. Information sessions will begin after the Oct. 1 public announcement of new and continuing programs for Summer 2015. 


Friday, 10/3, 3:30pm, DukeEngage Classroom, B252 (Smith Warehouse)

Thursday, 10/9, 4:30pm, Physics 130 (West Campus)

Wednesday, 10/15, 4:15pm, Physics 130 (West Campus)

Tuesday, 10/28, 4:30pm, Physics 130 (West Campus)


 Please note that each general information session is followed by an independent project information session, which will begin approximately 45 minutes after the general information session start time.