Creating Your Own DukeEngage Experience

Is an Independent (Indy) Project right for you?

  • The Independent option allows you to create a project tailored to the needs of a community partner of your choosing, learning objectives especially meaningful to you, in a location of particular interest.
  • Building an independent project will require time, initiative, and the ability to assess your own skills and interests. Your advisor and mentor can help you along.
  • Communication skills are key. You will need good dialogue with your community partner before applying in order to design your project, and during the summer you'll troubleshoot directly with your supervisor.
  • You will also plan the logistics of your project, including housing, transportation, and cultural immersion activities on your own.
  • If you are planning a project in a non-English speaking location, you may need considerable foreign language skills.
  • As an independent participant, you may be the only volunteer working with your partner organization. If you are considering a project abroad, you may be the only international volunteer at your place of work or in your community. This level of immersion will lead to accelerated growth, but may also make you feel isolated. If you typically process feelings best with others, think about how you will manage on your own.

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