DukeEngage 2017: A Blueprint for Deeper and Broader Engagement

We turned to valued sources—faculty, students, staff, as well as community partners and national thought leaders—for their wisdom and insights in setting the goals that frame our strategic plan: “DukeEngage 2017: A Blueprint for Deeper and Broader Engagement.”  Key goals are listed below.  (Read the entire plan by selecting the PDF to the right.)

Goal 1: Curricular Connections

DukeEngage will be a keystone in the seamless integration of the co-curricular and curricular dimensions of civic engagement at Duke University.

Goal 2: Faculty Engagement

Faculty expertise and involvement will be signature features of DukeEngage, informing all aspects of what we do starting with the selection of new program sites through the integration of DukeEngage experiences with the undergraduate curriculum.

Goal 3: Community Partner Engagement

Through exemplary efforts to exchange knowledge about solutions to 21st century challenges across state, national, and international borders, DukeEngage will be known as a civic leader among peer universities because of the range and depth of the relationships we forge with community partners.

Goal 4: Expanding Civic Engagement Opportunities in the United States

DukeEngage will be recognized for its commitment to provide Duke students with meaningful and varied opportunities to serve more communities in the United States.

Goal 5: Enrollment Growth

DukeEngage will recommit itself to the goal of enrolling 600 students annually by 2017.

Goal 6: Resource Development

DukeEngage will raise at least an additional $20 million in current and endowment support as part of Duke’s comprehensive campaign.


By 2017, upon accomplishing each of our core strategic goals, DukeEngage will provide deeper and broader engagement for all of stakeholders and underscore its value to Duke University as one of its signature undergraduate programs.  


DukeEngage 2017: A Blueprint for Deeper and Broader Engagement
  • The DukeEngage Strategic Plan
  • DukeEngage 2017: A Blueprint for Deeper and Broader Engagement

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