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  • DukeEngage in Zhuhai, China
    DukeEngage in Zhuhai, China

    The DukeEngage Zhuhai, China program was started the summer of 2010 with a mission to integrate arts education into the local curriculum at Zhuhai No. 9 Middle School (grades 7-9).  

  • DukeEngage in Togo 2013
    DukeEngage in Togo 2013

    Professor Charlie Piot (left front), Department of Cultural Anthropology & Department of African and African American Studies at Duke, consults with one of his students participating in the DukeEngage in Togo program during the summer of 2013.  The initiative seeks to assist local community organizations to enhance youth culture and stem youth flight from remote villages in northern Togo to the plantations of Nigeria and Benin.

  • FeI Gao, Independent Project, Tibet
    FeI Gao, Independent Project, Tibet

    DukeEngage independent project student Fei Gao with her host family in Chuma Village, Qinghai Province, Tibet.



  • Cameron Tripp, Madagascar Duke Lemur Center
    Cameron Tripp, Madagascar Duke Lemur Center

    Cameron Tripp was one of two DukeEngage independent project students who volunteered with the Duke Lemur Center in Madagascar during the summer of 2013.

  • Zenger Farms, Portland, Oregon
    Zenger Farms, Portland, Oregon

    DukeEngage in Portland, Oregon participants assist with agricultural sustainability efforts at Zenger Farms. 

  • DukeEngage Vietnam 2012
    DukeEngage Vietnam 2012

    DukeEngage students partner each year with CET Academic Programs to participate in building and education projects with local Vietnamese roommates in a rural area of Central Vietnam.

  • Jamie Patrick, indy project, Liberia
    Jamie Patrick, indy project, Liberia

    Jamie Patrick pursued an independent project in three different communities in Liberia, where he partnered with West African Youth Agenda Against Corrupt Practices--an agriculturally focused non-profit. The project provides community members with "a sustainable livelihood from the produce that they sell, and a sustainable food source from the portion that they keep for themselves.

  • Eno River Butterfly - DE Durham 2010
    Eno River Butterfly - DE Durham 2010

    Rachel Hammer, DukeEngage in Durham 2010, spent her summer volunteering on an Eno River project that addressed invasive vegetation crowding out plant life that benefit native wildlife.

  • Neuse Basin Project, 2011
    Neuse Basin Project, 2011

    Four DukeEngage students are planting hundreds of native plant species, including this fern, to a project site in the headwaters of the Neuse Basin in Hillsborough, N.C., as part of a storm water management and stream restoration initiative. The project concludes with similar work in Beaufort, N.C.

DukeEngage provides full funding for select Duke undergraduates who wish to pursue an immersive summer of service in partnership with a U.S. or international community. As of summer 2013, more than 2,400 Duke students have volunteered through DukeEngage in 75 nations on six continents. Learn more…


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